Breamore CE Primary School | A foundation for life
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Welcome to Breamore CE Primary

A foundation for life. Come and visit us – we’d love to meet you!

Be part of our success story

Our Stories

    Our Values

    These are the things about our school that we value most of all, that we would not sacrifice at any cost.


    The focus given to the needs of the individual - both adult and child.


    Acknowledgement of uniqueness of the individual.


    The equal attention given to emotional well-being and to academic achievement.


    A diverse creative approach to the curriculum complemented by many enrichment experiences, and a willingness to take risks and try new things, led by children’s interests.

    Rights & Responsibilities

    The attention and importance given to Rights, Responsibilities and Respect.


    Teamwork- thoughtful, kind, hard working colleagues with excellent partnership working, who value each other’s skills.


    A staff who are committed to be the best they can be - continually striving to improve teaching and learning.


    The use made of the outdoors and learning from the natural environment.


    The Learning To Learn agenda: children are taught the skills they need to be a good learner through our Learning Dimensions.


    An enquiry based learning focus across curriculum areas.


    High expectations of behaviour and respect, and a culture based on values.


    The appreciation of and value given to learning through play in EYFS & KS1.


    Children feel cared for and trust the adults.


    Helping each and every child at Hale make good progress and achieve their full potential is always our key focus. More.

    Link School

    Hale Primary School has a wonderful link with a school in Kinkiizi, Uganda. Staff from both schools have visited the other school and brought with them a deeper understanding of other cultures. More.