Breamore CE Primary School | Governing Body
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Governing Body

The Governing Body provides strategic leadership of our school and has a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education.

The Governing Body provides a strong focus on three core strategic functions for our school:

  • setting the strategic direction
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
  • ensuring financial health, probity and value for money


The Governing Body is made up of a group of volunteers and includes staff, parents, and members from the local community and church. We have set very high standards for the school and our job is to provide enough support and enough challenge to drive constant improvement.

Meetings are lively, engaging, and challenging; there is always much to celebrate and plenty to discuss.

Our role is strategic – we do not run the school from day to day – and we are very thankful to the school leadership and staff for their dedication and talent. It is an immense privilege to be involved with such hard working staff, with skilled leadership, in this rural setting, and most of all, brought to life by the enthusiasm, energy and capacity for learning of the wonderful pupils here at Hale School. THANK YOU!

If you are thinking of becoming a Governor, would like more information, or have any questions – then please do get in touch with us via the admin office. We regularly have a Governor on the Gate available after school and we are always interested in hearing your views.

Governors’ Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Local Authority Governor - Chair

Paul Millard

I have lived in the area for over thirty-five years and all my children attended Breamore School. I have a broad range of business skills having worked for a major global communications company in a senior role. I have served on the governing body for over 18 years, twice serving as Chair of Breamore School. I believe that with hard work, strong leadership and commitment for all staff, pupils, governors and all stakeholders both schools have a great opportunity of becoming outstanding schools in the future. With good financial control and ensuring value for money in both schools we can ensure they are well resourced. We should continue to develop the team so that the schools work to have consistent levels of outstanding teaching which will enable all our pupils reach their full potential and be fully secondary ready. I believe that we should continue to have happy pupils, staff and parents where both schools are considered first choice for all children in our catchment areas.

Foundation Governor - Vice Chair

Richard Farr

I served as a parent governor at Breamore school for several years, including as the Chair of the Governing Body. My background is in communications and have been involved in youth leadership all my adult life. My children, who have now moved on to secondary school, were well prepared by Breamore and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have seen much change over the 12 years I have been associated with the school and believe it is currently very well positioned to go from strength to strength in the future. I am currently serving on the resources committee and manage the individual training and development of the governing body.

Foundation Governor

Reverend Gary Philbrick

My original area of study was music, after which I took a PGCE and taught at primary level. In the mid eighties I became ordained, and have served in a number of parishes in Hampshire since then. Each of these has a number of schools, with all of which I have been involved in different ways. I have been a school governor since 1986 – at an infant, secondary and sixth-form, and primary school (where I was Chair of Governors), and am now an Ex Officio foundation governor at Forest Edge – which is a delight. I bring a broad experience of education, and a broad experience of the communities we serve.

Executive Headteacher

Emma Clark

I have been headteacher of Breamore since 2013. I feel very privileged to now be executive headteacher of the Forest Edge Learning Partnership and to be able to lead both schools. I believe in igniting a love of learning in children and enabling them to reach their full potential. I work alongside the governors to ensure the best for all children in our schools.

Staff Governor

Rosemary Leo

I have been teaching at Hale Primary School for a number of years, having arrived to teach in Reception and Key Stage 1, and gradually worked my way through the school to be currently teaching Year 5 and 6. As a governor, I am representing the staff of the school. I really love working here and being involved with the school community, as well as the wider community of the village. I am determined to make a positive contribution to the federation, to make our schools the best that they can possibly be, and provide all our children with a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

Co-opted Governor

Jean Palumbo

I have been involved with Breamore School for a number of years both as a parent, many years ago, and as a teacher. I love teaching children in years 1 and 2 as that is the time that they make great strides in their learning in maths and literacy. I am particularly interested in how children gain knowledge and understanding of the number system and what we can do to help those who find it more difficult. I look forward to helping the federation to be a success.

Co-opted Governor

Jayne Godden

I am honoured to be a governor for the Forest Edge Learning Federation. I am eager to ensure that all children continue to get the very best educational experience during their time at Breamore and Hale. I was a primary school teacher before moving to Breamore and am now in my dream job at Minstead Study Centre, teaching children all about the great outdoors! I am currently responsible for overseeing Health and Safety across both schools. I am also serving on the curriculum committee, having a particular interest in children’s writing. I am keen that we extend the opportunities for governors and parents to support the work of the staff and nurture the sense of the community that we enjoy.

Co-opted Governor

Rebecca Anderson

I have four boys (two at Breamore, two at Trafalgar) and I love our local schools. I really like the concept of Governance, with its combined elements of support and challenge; it is a privilege to be involved in setting the vision and strategy for these two unique, rural schools. At the centre of this is a genuine desire to see all pupils fulfilling their potential and feeling valued. I am particularly interested in literacy, curriculum, learning and achievement, and in the ongoing development of the Governing body. I am looking forward to getting to know Hale School as well as I know Breamore; the staff, parents and pupils make our Learning Federation come alive.

Co-opted Governor

Alison McGowan

I first became a governor at Hale Primary school in 2010 and continued to support the development of the Federation in 2016 with Breamore Primary school. My daughter, who is now at secondary school, attended Hale and my son is currently in Key Stage 2. I am the link governor for the Early Years Foundation stage and a member of the Learning and Achievement Committee. I have spent 20 years in Financial Services, in sales and management roles. I am passionate about supporting the children within the two schools, to become confident learners who fulfil their potential, within a happy and positive environment.

Parent Governor

Katherine Gunn

I first volunteered as a school governor in 2007, for an inner-city junior school in Southampton. After moving to Woodgreen, I became a governor at Hale School in 2012. Our daughter now attends Breamore School, so it is wonderful to be able to continue my involvement with both schools as a Co-Opted Governor for the Federation. My background is in Maths and Astrophysics research, and I now work in supercomputing. I’m therefore passionate about widening access to education, and in particular, encouraging girls and young women in science, engineering and technology. My other love is music of all sorts.

Parent Governor

Helen Martin

I was appointed a parent governor of the Forest Edge Learning Federation in May 2017. My family moved to Woodfalls ten years ago. We have two girls at Hale and have been pleased to watch their academic progress and development.

My professional background in NHS healthcare has highlighted to me the need to provide a sustainable, exceptional service whilst ensuring best value for money. I am looking forward to working across the federation and supporting the children to realise their full potential.