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Link School

Hale School has a wonderful link with a school in Kinkiizi, Uganda. ​We were lucky enough to have Reverend Sam, who runs the school, to come and visit us and even taught the children one of his local songs.

​In the Summer of 2015, Mrs Mac (the former head of Hale School) and the Rev’d Nicky Davies went to Uganda to visit our link school. Mrs Mac reports:

“​Nothing quite prepared me for Africa – not my own trepidation nor the reality that was Africa – 12 days that stunned and surprised me in equal measure, 12 days that will be forever etched into my memory.

The light, the colour, the humanity, the landscape……….yes…. but the people, oh, the people…….generous, welcoming, resilient, optimistic, exuding warmth with an authentic and sincere faith in God. I am brimful of admiration and respect for them. Especially for the teachers faced with few resources and impossible class sizes, who on a daily basis inspire children to learn because of a fervent belief that ‘education is wealth’…..where even the poorest child can aspire to be a doctor, a pilot, a teacher, a nurse……..

It was, this African Adventure, a most humbling experience also. Life for ‘the people’ is tough on a daily basis, with poor infrastructures, healthcare, sanitation – daily necessities that we simply take for granted, like clean running water and electricity – yet no one seems to moan because they are too busy ‘living’.

I have a few abiding images:

Children walking to school in the dark before dawn…..
The deep joy that belief in God brings that you dance and sing exuberantly.
A landscape of exotic colours, sounds and creatures.
The African savanna with dawn breaking ……
‘Mazungu’- the children called to me…

I feel privileged to have experienced the reality that is Africa. In many ways and many times over the 12 days I felt frustrated, futile, despairing for the little difference I was able to make in the face of so much challenge but each and every time it was the love and spirit of the people that elated me and lifted my own spirits with hope….

So…’webbally manonga’…

Thank You Very Much

Mrs Mac”